Growing Up With Coffee

As a kid, I could smell coffee on my Dad’s clothes when he came home at night.
From the time he was a boy, Don Dominguez was steeped in coffee. From the age of 12, when Don tasted his first cup of coffee, he was hooked!
I loaded it with cream and sugar, and I loved it, but in wanting to be like my dad, I knew I’d have to drink it black.

How K&F Got Its Start

At a little shop in Ports O’ Call Village in San Pedro, California—Don Dominguez had an epiphany.   

A young college graduate who earned his living in freight shipping, Don never forgot his passion for coffee.  Upon entering the shop, he could smell the enticing aromas of vanilla and hazelnut.  The scents led to packages of gourmet roast coffee.  The coffee was from Portland, Oregon—Don’s hometown.  Something started brewing in Don.  A mix of envy, hope and resolve. 

I just made up my mind!

Don encouraged his father, Bud, to start a coffee company with him and in March of 1983, K&F Coffee Roasters became one of the first micro-roasters in Portland, Oregon.



National Attention

In 2008, Don Dominguez and K&F Coffee Roasters was profiled on MSNBC’s national program, Your Business. 

More recently, Don was selected to be one of only 16 participants out of about 200 nominees in the Emerging 200 (e200) program in Portland (March-Nov 2009). 

The program was developed by the U.S. Small Business Association to target inner city companies with high growth potential.  The business course provides dedicated entrepreneurs with training, resources, networking and motivation to expand operations and create jobs.

Dominguez says E200 has allowed him to discuss problems and solutions with other small business owners, which he believes will help strengthen Portland's business community as a whole

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Local Attention

McCormick and Schmicks sponsored The Portland Cup, a city-wide competition to determine Portland’s best all-around coffee.  K&F Coffee Roasters won awards every year in which the competition ran, and took the title in the inaugural year, 1993.

K&F Coffee Takes Top Awards All Four Years



1st Place Winner: Best All-Day Decaf

Runner Up: Best A.M. Wake-Up & Best After-Dinner Partner


1st Place Winner: Best Irish Coffee


Runner Up: The Portland Cup

1st Place Winner: Best After-Dinner Partner

Runner Up: Best Summer Sippn’ Iced Coffee


1st Place Winner: Best Morning Wake-Up



Certified Professional Coffee Q Grader

Don is one of the first 100 in the United States to earn this prestigious certification. (See our about page for more info.)