K&F is a Bird Friendly Coffee Supplier

There is a lot to consider when you chose a coffee.  Of course, there’s the obvious forerunners, taste and cost, but what about considerations of the land on which we grow coffee beans and the birds that frequent this area?  At K&F Coffee Roasters, we are supportive of the migratory birds that take refuge in the canopy of trees growing over the coffee plants, and we are very pleased to be able to offer Bird Friendly coffees.


Bird Friendly coffees come from farms in Latin America (the highlands of Mexico south to Peru) that provide good, forest-like habitat for birds.  They are the only coffees on the market that are certified as shade grown and organic by an independent third-party inspector, using criteria established by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center of the National Zoo. This criteria is based on years of scientific research.

We are happy to note, K&F Coffee Roasters was the first coffee supplier company in Oregon to be licensed by the Smithsonian Institution to buy, roast and sell Bird-Friendly® coffees.   We proudly contribute 25 cents per pound to support Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center research and conservation programs.  You’ll recognize our Bird Friendly® coffee by the Bird Friendly® label on the package. 




If environmental stewardship plays a part in your decision-making process when selecting a coffee brand, try our BellaSelva® Organic Coffees. These are a full line-up of sustainable coffees that directly support migratory birds, as well as provide a better life for farming families and community development.  BellaSelva means ”beautiful jungle” in Spanish.  We chose the name BellaSelva® because it refers to the rich rain forests where coffee naturally grows.  At K&F Coffee Roasters, we want to ensure the rain forests continue to thrive, producing rich soil, beautiful flora, and the hum of life, both on land in the air.