Considered to be one of the Finest Roastmasters of the Pacific Northwest, Don Dominguez, personally selects and samples every batch of Arabica beans that arrives at K&F Coffee Roasters.  His hands-on approach derives from his grounded upbringing and passion for all things coffee.

At a little shop in Ports O’ Call Village in San Pedro, California, Don Dominguez had an epiphany. A young college graduate who earned his living in freight shipping, Don never forgot his passion for coffee.  Upon entering the shop, he could smell the enticing aromas of vanilla and hazelnut.  The scents led to packages of gourmet roast coffee from Portland, Oregon, Don’s hometown.  Something started brewing in Don.  A mix of envy, hope and resolve. 

I just made up my mind

Don encouraged his father, Bud, to start a coffee company with him and in March of 1983, K&F Coffee Roasters became one of the first micro-roasters in Portland. K&F Coffee Roasters is now the oldest family-owned specialty coffee roaster in Portland.