Organic Fair Trade Coffee

K&F Coffee Roasters is committed to excellence.  In this vein, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to improve our processes, in all aspects of our business.  Our goal is to offer the highest quality coffees, while paying particular attention to ecologically sound methodology in obtaining our coffee products.  We offer a variety of Fair Trade, Organic and Bird Friendly@ Coffees at K&F.  We work very closely with the providers of our coffee beans, ensuring that best practices are always used.  We strive to build strong relationships with both our local customers and our business partners outside the Portland, Oregon area.  For those interested in wholesale, K&F Coffee Roasters offers great prices and excellent service.   We’re happy to relate:  There’s no other way to do business!


Coffee Wholesale

Whether you’re an omnipresent restaurant or a single, family-owned establishment, K&F Coffee Roasters is proud to offer businesses of any size and range, quality coffees and coffee-related products. Along with our broad selection of premium products and services, we provide three generations of loving experience, that reflect in the strong relationships we’ve built with our customers over the years. Not only do we provide the finest coffees, we care that your company and employees are knowledgeable about our products. Don’t hesitate to ask our expert staff about consulting opportunities. We offer training, consultation and support on barista training, equipment maintenance and technical issues.


Organic and Fair Trade Coffees at K&F

An organic label is a prerequisite for many shoppers these days.  At K&F Coffee Roasters, we’ve been roasting organic coffees since 1983.  Our BellaSelva® Organic Coffees are amazing.  Shade grown and roasted in small batches, these organic Arabica coffee beans are only grown in high altitudes in the jungles.  Hence, ‘Bella’ means ‘beautiful’ in Spanish, and ‘Selva’ means ‘jungle.’  Together, the translation is Beautiful Jungle.  This exquisite line of organic coffees is shade grown, and supportive of the migratory birds that take refuge in the canopy of trees growing over the coffee plants.


BellaSelva® Organic Coffees are also sustainable.  The full line-up is Fair Trade Certified®, which means that the coffee plants are grown by farmers on small farms that are organized into grower cooperatives.  The coffee is sold collectively for an established minimum price that far exceeds existing depressed market prices.  The cooperative must be inspected annually by an international monitoring organization that verifies that the funds paid for the coffee are spread equitably amongst the growers.


When you purchase Fair Trade Certified® coffee, you support two worthy causes: organic farming and fair wages for international farm workers.  Look for the Fair Trade Certified® sticker on bags of BellaSelva® Organic Coffees.  We want you to enjoy, whole-heartedly, the ‘beautiful’ taste of the jungle.