Shade Grown Coffee

If buying eco-friendly coffee is a qualifier when choosing a coffee brand, K&F Coffee Roasters is pleased to offer you this choice.  From the high plateaus of the rain forest to our qualified roasters.  Try our BellaSelva™ Organic Coffees - shade grown in their natural environment…under a canopy of trees.

Coffee comes from a small understory tree or shrub, and has traditionally been grown beneath forest trees, in the shade.  Growing coffee under shade inhibits weed growth and aids in pest control.  Shade protects the crop from adverse weather conditions such as rain, frost, and full sun, thus maintaining the more tranquil climate conditions and rich soil in which quality coffee thrives. 
Shade also helps to increase the numbers of pollinators, which result in abundant fruit yields.  Migratory birds find refuge in the canopy of trees and help control the insect population.  In this balanced eco-system, plants grow hearty and strong without need for harmful chemicals. 

The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center has created standards that are targeted specifically at shade management and preservation of biodiversity.  They developed related certification called “Bird Friendly®” which is trademarked and should always carry the Smithsonian seal.  At K&F Coffee Roasters, you will find a selection of Bird Friendly® coffees, as this practice goes hand in hand with shade grown coffee growing practices.
At K&F, we realize that coffee grown in the shade often takes longer to ripen and yields less fruit compared to conventional coffee farms, but shade grown coffee is significantly better for the environment.  In fact, the long ripening time actually contributes to the complex flavors and unique taste of the fruit. 
At K&F Coffee Roasters, we believe in biodiversity, environmentally friendly crop yields, quality and variety in coffee choices, and we believe in shade! 
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