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K&F Coffee Roasters offers wholesale and private label for those of you in interested or immersed in the business of providing quality coffee to your customers, family, or friends.  Call, email or come visit us at K&F Coffee Roasters, where we’re happy to talk about best practices, best prices, and the most delicious cup of Java you can get!



Wholesale and Private Label Coffee

At K&F Coffee Roasters, we’ve been roasting organic coffees since 1983.  Our passion for coffee is reflected in the amazing quality of the coffees we offer. The assortment of flavor profiles to choose from will meet any coffee lover’s expectations. We practice sustainability and strive to maintain best practices in respect to environmental stewardship as well. Many of our coffees are Fair Trade Certified™, and our goal is to continually expand our organic lines.


Gourmet Coffee Wholesalers

At K&F Coffee Roasters, we strive to offer you the highest quality coffees, while supporting those communities that grow our fine coffee beans.  Fairtrade certification is important to us, as it ensures environmental, labor, and developmental standards are being met in the production of the coffee beans we buy and sell.  The Fair Trade Certified™ label on our coffee guarantees that K&F Coffees meets the strict economic, social and environmental criteria in the production and trade of our product. 
We support a better life for farming families through fair prices, direct trade, community development, and environmental stewardship. Our entire line-up of BellaSelva® Organic Coffees are organic, shade grown, and Fair Trade Certified™ We want to offer you a choice in coffee that not only makes you feel good, but that you can feel good about.
We proudly roast more than 70 regular and decaffeinated blends and varietals, including a revolving limited supply of special harvests.  Our experience working with coffee spans three generations and over a half-century of tasting, buying, roasting and brewing.  Since 1983, we’ve been roasting only the finest Arabica coffees from around the world. We’re excited about our coffee, and believe we have a wonderful product to offer.


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