Premium Coffee Wholesalers

K&F offers the highest quality coffee and related goods and services for selective wholesale and retail customers. Founder, Don Dominguez is considered one of the finest roastmasters in the Pacific Northwest.  With a well-deserved certification as a professional coffee Q Grader, many a coffee retailer and restaurateur has benefited from Don’s experienced advice about bean selection, the right equipment for the job, staff training, merchandising, finding marketing partners, menu planning and solid business planning.  At K&F Coffee Roasters in Portland, our passion is coffee.  Building long-term relationships with our business partners and customers makes it possible to thrive in the industry we love. We joy in healthy partnerships, knowledge exchange, and the benefits gained from progressive exchange.   Together, we both succeed.  Cheers to you!


Become Wholesale Partners with K&F Coffee Roasters

At K&F Coffee Roasters, our experience working in the coffee industry spans three generations and over a half-century in tasting, buying, roasting and brewing.  Since 1983, we’ve been roasting only the finest Arabica coffees from around the world.  We proudly roast more than 70 regular and decaffeinated blends and varietals, including a revolving, limited supply of special harvests. 
Our line-up of K&F Coffees covers a wide range of coffees with flavor profiles to meet every taste preference.  We have coffees suitable for any time of day or night, whether you’re waking up in the morning, enjoying a relaxing break in the afternoon, or capping off your evening meal with a smooth finish.
K&F Coffee is our signature coffee brand and BellaSelva® Organic Coffees is our sustainable, Fair Trade and Bird Friendly® brand of coffee.  In addition to two excellent choices in coffee, our award winning TazArriba® Mexican Spiced Cocoa is a leader in its class. 
Visit our web store to see our complete online offering, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, or want some suggestions, please contact us.


Coffee Suppliers

At K&F Coffee Roasters, our coffee suppliers serve restaurants and coffee-related businesses of every size,  from specialty retailers and distributors to their individual customers.  We are known for our broad selection of premium products and services, including:



  • K&F Coffees

  • BellaSelva® Organic Coffees

  • TazArriba® Mexican Spiced Cocoa

  • Smoothie Mixes

  • Private label coffees

  • Chai, premium teas

  • Torani Syrups

  • Chocolate sauces

  • Chocolate-covered espresso beans

  • And…….a full line of other coffee-related products


  • Espresso machines and grinders

  • Brewing equipment "on loan" program

Training, Consultation and Support:

  • Comprehensive staff and barista training

  • Equipment maintenance and technical support

  • Expert consulting on your new or existing coffee business